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So when you look at the PDF each Monday, you have no doubt noticed that there are several income instruments that I have yet to mention here at Sharpe Trade.  Quite frankly, I haven’t had the time.  On the PDF they are simply labeled as; ‘As Yet Un-Named Stock‘.

Well … there is no time like the present.  Know that one of the instruments that I have held for myself for some time, is Colgate Palm-Olive (CL).

You may notice that the dividend payout ratio for Colgate (CL) may not seem as attractive as say, IBM or American Express (AXP).  However, as I mentioned yesterday, there is no single ‘holy grail’ metric, and that includes the dividend payout ratio.  

So why use Colgate (CL) as an income instrument?  Well, there are a few reasons.   It is nicely diversified from my other holdings.  I have two tech companies (IBM and Microsoft).  I have a transport (Union Pacific).  I have a credit card company (American Express).  With Colgate, I have a Consumer Non-Cyclical company.  In addition … Colgate’s (CL) market share … which is huge … makes them a great choice.

Why do I bring up Colgate (CL) at this time?  Well, as I said, I have owned this for myself for some time.  And the other day as I was going over my records, I noticed I was paid the dividend for this quarter as income.  It was only at that time that I noticed I received yet another ‘raise’.  The third such ‘raise’, of a 5.556% increase.

We continue the Sharpe Income project with this next entry.

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