SHARPE INCOME … Record-Keeping for the “Capital Gains” Assets

Posted on Mar 14 2016 - 5:43pm by Sharpe Trade

We continue the discussion from the last entry.

One further note.

As stated in the previous entries, we sold off all of the assets in the ‘Capital Gains‘ strategy.  We sold PCY, QQQ, TLT, JNK and IVV.  We have thus effectively ‘re-balanced’ that section, taking it back to ‘cash’.   This 1st ‘cycle’ of this portion of the project thus stands at -2.19% return, verses -4.29% of the S&P 500 Index for the same period.

We were keeping track of all of the capital gains assets, and what they returned on the spreadsheet and once we had re-balanced the strategy, it looked like this …


Well, we are thus beginning our ‘second cycle’.  And we will wipe out all of those amounts, dividends and metrics on the spreadsheet, and begin once again.

So more than anything, we are posting this as a bit of ‘record-keeping’ for the history of this project.  To serve as  a piece of ‘documentation’ of the performance of the project

We continue the Sharpe Income project with this next entry

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