A ‘Getting Paid’ Day

Posted on Sep 10 2015 - 5:18pm by Sharpe Trade

A beautiful fall day here in the Great Lakes.

The leaves have not yet begun to turn.  But the air has finally cooled from the stifling summer heat and humidity. The sun sits just a little bit different along it’s ecliptic in the autumn sky.  It casts a warmer ‘glow’ in the afternoon.

And the markets?  Well … it has been just an average, run of the mill … ‘getting paid’ day.

International Business Machines (IBM) and Microsoft (MSFT) both paid dividends in my own personal income account.  It’s always nice when the paycheck shows up.  We have not yet purchased Microsoft (MSFT) for our ‘Sharpe Income’ Project, but I have updated the project spreadsheet to reflect the International Business Machines (IBM) dividend.

The market hasn’t gone much of anywhere.  We garnered 34 BPS of profit today in our stocks, futures and options teaching account. In currencies (apart from the teaching account), we had two trades.  A very small loss in AUD/JPY, and a nice win going long EUR/USD.

Just a ‘getting paid’ day.

Again, it is the fall.

I’m a sucker for fusion jazz in the fall …

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