Busy Week

Posted on Mar 1 2016 - 12:37pm by Sharpe Trade

And may we say, we are enjoying ourselves.  As we freely previously outlined, we dumped out of TLT for the Sharpe Income project, and stated that we were bullish on risk.

Yeah … that’s working out well.

Regardless, besides making BPS in the markets, we’re also hard at work, preparing a new short-term, trading … course.  Because at a certain point, you have to ask yourself … why exactly did I feel it was time to dump TLT out of the ‘Sharpe Income‘ project?  Well, that’s one thing that this course will hope to explain.  Everything you would need to be able to profitably trade the markets, wrapped into one nice, neat trading course.

We have noticed most other trading courses offer a methodology.  And that’s it.  That’s what the course is all about.  One profitable way to trade the markets.  We are preparing this new … “Mastering Markets:  Short-Term Trading” course, to provide an entire look at the principles of trading, as well as several methodologies and processes.

Which means that I am hard at work this week.

So I am going to get back to it …

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