The Sharpe Report

How would you like to see the
moves a trader makes in the
financial markets, when he makes
them, understand why he makes
them, and watch it tracked over


The Sharpe Report is our premium service which allows you to “look over the shoulder” and watch Dan as a trader, and his approach to the markets. By subscribing, you will benefit by:

    • Having access to a live portfolio, tracked over time. Not simply “ideas” thrown into a ring with no thought as to how it would perform. But watch how these ideas track out, using professional metrics, into professional performance on an actual live account.

    • Watch as he analyzes the behavior of different financial instruments

    • Learn trade and money management

    • Learn risk and portfolio management

    • Learn emotional and psychological discipline

    • Being exposed to and taught a rational approach to the markets that can be applied to active and passive styles


Is The Sharpe Report For You?


Who is ‘Dan’ as a Trader?


Total AMB ReturnsDan began a public presence several years ago. He not only correctly called a recession in 2008, but stated that this Recession would be worse than anyone alive had yet seen. He worked to describe the moving pieces of what caused the recession. He worked to try to assist people in the markets, who really didn’t have a lot of money to begin. Self-directed retail traders. By September of 2008, he stated that a stock-market crash was absolutely guaranteed, which proved correct. But unlike many other’s who used the recession to ‘fear-monger’ their own businesses, Dan began cautiously buying stocks again in 2009, and became very bullish on the stock market in October of 2009 and has remained bullish throughout that time period.

Watch Dan, day by day, week by week, as he trades using a “Core and Satellite” method of portfolio management. A “Core” of passively managed assets that may only need to be managed two or three times a year, if at all, with other short term “satellite” active trades that occur around that “core” of passively managed assets. If he run’s into portfolio drawdown, he shows you exactly what steps he takes to recover from that draw-down. Dan brings extensive knowledge of markets to the table, and has demonstrated for years in front of hundreds of students, with live accounts, how he personally manages his accounts. Dan’s Sharpe Report portfolio will begin with $6,500 with no further capital additions. He will be using stocks and ETF’s based on the U.S. Markets, but at times will use options as well.


You can get access to all of the above for $15.00/month

Would you like to see an example? Take note of the very first issues of The Sharpe Report that we released to the public here

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