Self Sabotaging Behaviors

Posted on Nov 24 2015 - 2:50pm by Sharpe Trade

Something I recently witnessed on Social Media demonstrates the underlying reasons why so many who attempt stay at home trading, cannot succeed. And they will never be able to succeed. Because they lack the ability to detect when they are being “told” how to feel, and when they are manipulated into taking a particular action … by others. Be it other traders, investors, or the media.

They cannot raise above the noise of the crowd, and simply go their own way in a contrarian manner.

A man recently taped money to his suit and then told strangers to take what they need.  That’s all the sign said …

“Take What You Need”

Then, he has the audacity to try to shame people who took the money off of his suit.  Now what really shocked me?  Was the public outrage at people’s reaction who actually took the money.

I suppose I should not have been surprised.  People simply lack the ability, to be able to determine when they are being emotionally guided and prodded and subtly instructed how to feel about something.  We see it in finance all the time.  It’s how swindlers and cheats manipulate individuals into buying into an asset that everyone else is dumping.

“Buy Gold!” they told you in 2011.  While myself, and others, where telling you to dump out of it.  I was laughed at, and oh how the jeering commenced.  But the real question to ask yourself … is why did people continually buy Gold and Silver in 2011, 2012, 2013, and even 2014?

Because they had been convinced to feel like it was the right thing to do!

Here’s a guy, that tapes money to his suit and says: “Take what you need“, without any qualifications.  Without specifying “need“.  The sign didn’t say:  “Money available for the homeless” … or “Money available to welfare recipients” or “Money for the Elderly on Social Security and Still Working”.  It simply said … “Take What You Need”.

But it doesn’t end there.  He then slyly inserts audio of himself, shaming the people that took money.  Making observations about their suits.  Or their handbags.  Thus, subtly, guiding people’s emotional reactions, as they watch the video that he produced.

The result, is predictable.  People cry out:  Greedy pigs! and believe that they have some sort of original … stand-alone morality that guides their thought processes.

A question.  

I wonder what the experiment would have shown, if there was no such guiding voice or narration for sociological context was provided to the viewer?  If the ‘money-suit’ gentleman did not make comments about the woman’s purse?  Or the gentleman’s appearance?  Papers, by the way, have been written on this topic.  This is an example of how you can get entire groups and populations of individuals to do whatever you want them to do.  All you have to do, is make them feel that they are making the emotionally correct decision.  Once that has been accomplished … people will do almost anything.

In fact, I’d argue the guy that tapes money to himself so little values those in actual need, he has so much contempt for the homeless, he can’t give the money to them. Instead, he has some point to make, and  that ‘point’ … whatever it is … is more important to him than helping out the homeless.

He did this video to prove a point. That point was more important to him, than helping the homeless with the cash directly. I’d take it all. Every bit of it. In fact, I’d ask him if he had any cash in his wallet he wanted to give me. And if he would, I would take that too. Because to me … helping the homeless directly, is more important than proving some point.

So now I have another question ….

If I took every bit of that money, what would be people’s reaction?  To assign motives to myself?  To try to ‘shame’ me?  Am I a greedy pig?  Might they shake their head?  And then, what if I turn around not five seconds later (off camera), and give every dime of that money to the homeless … plus five dollars (a separate issue)?  Who … then … has more contempt for the homeless? Me? The guy that efficiently directed the funds to those in need? Or some guy with a point to make, showing contempt for money by using it to ‘prove a point’ … allowing anyone to take money from him?

Do you see how people can be manipulated into feeling a particular way?

And here’s another question …

Do so many individuals who attempt trading from home, fail … because deep, deep down … they don’t believe they deserve wealth and are secretly sabotaging their own efforts?

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