The Single Best Trading Course for the Best Price

Posted on Oct 25 2016 - 12:53pm by Sharpe Trade

Be honest with yourself.  Do you need help with your trading?

If the answer is yes, we offer Sharpe Trade, LLC’s “Mastering Markets … Short-Term Trading” Online Course. And with this course, you get one month of “The Sharpe Report”, free! At the moment we are offering this course for only $899.00 for permanent access to this course, for the life of the company of Sharpe Trade, LLC. This also makes this one of the most affordable trading courses you will find anywhere. We may have to increase the price in the future, as many are taking advantage of this value. But even when this price increase comes to pass, we will still try to offer this course, at the best value.

This is not some simple “Learn this trading strategy” course. This course is about trading. ALL trading. Various strategies. Portfolio construction. Career paths. Record-keeping. As well as approaches to building your trading skill. How to work at building discretionary skill. For example … what are some simple processes that you could use if you are new and just starting out, that will give you both an edge and profits while you work on building your skill as an intra-day trader? Strategies so simple we call them ‘you-could-get-hit-by-a-bus‘ strategies.  And how would you incorporate different strategies you may already be using, into a short-term trading portfolio?

And yes … strategieS. Not one strategy, or two. As we said, this is not some course, that offers ONE look, or ONE strategy for trading the markets.  That’s what other courses offer, and charge you $1,600 to do it.  This course demonstrates several processes across a few time-frames, as well as variations of those strategies; and the theory behind such approaches. As well as access to the supplemental information on the Sharpe Trade forums. The information that we consider part of the supplemental information is becoming a course, in and of itself. 

What career options are available to you once you have developed your short-term trading skills? How can you build your own trading career?

Again … Sharpe Trade, LLC’s “Mastering Markets … Short-Term Trading” Online Course. The best course. For the best value.

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