Posted on Apr 17 2016 - 9:38am by Sharpe Trade

Something I have attempted to stress over the years?  Is that from time to time, you need to buy out some time, to simply ‘unplug’.  Relax.

Even if it’s for just a day, it can be highly beneficial to take a technology sabbatical.  Turn off the monitors.

Brew some coffee.  Play some relaxing music.

Go outside.  Get some fresh air.  Take a walk in the park.

Recharge your batteries.

So we are actually going to take our own advice this weekend.  We had a topic in mind, namely “Terminology”. But after speaking with another managing member of ‘Sharpe Trade, LLC’?  We thought we could simply ‘take a day off’, and urge everyone else to do the same.  Barring any big news that may occur in the markets in the next week, perhaps we can return to the above topic next week.

Today we are going to relax, and urge everyone to do likewise.  Across the States at least, the weather is absolutely beautiful. Take some time to simply enjoy life …

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