Stock Fundamental Metrics: Not Accounting, Simply Metrics

Posted on Jun 2 2015 - 9:43am by Sharpe Trade

We began our “Stock Fundamental Metric” series with this article.

The “Stock Fundamental Metric” playlist on YouTube can be found at this link.

We continue on from our last post on this topic that you can find here.

When beginning to examine the topic of ‘fundamental metrics’ in analyzing any given company, we should have a broad overview to understand which components of a companies finances such metrics are drawn from.

At the same time, we look to explain what this series of videos and articles hopes to do, and what what it will not discuss at any great length.   

We discuss this in the following “Stock Fundamental Metrics” video …

(After the following video, we continue the series of ‘Stock Fundamental Metric’ series in this next entry .…)

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