I Am a Directional Agnostic

Posted on Oct 2 2015 - 1:27pm by Sharpe Trade

What …

a …

Day …

I thought I had dodged a bullet earlier in the day, by not entering longs in the short-term trading account.

I thought the market would continue to crater after that jobs report.

I was wrong.

I came back this afternoon, to discover that the market is rallying like crazy.

Well … my boss?  Is price.

Directionally, I am both a market agnostic, and a directional triple-agent.  I will jump on a bandwagon in a heartbeat, and then burn that same bandwagon to the ground weeks later.  I have to follow the dictates of price, and listen to what the market is telling me about the mood of the auction.

The economy is still losing it’s forward momentum.

But the market just does not want to seem to go down.

Considering the variances between those two factors?  I know which way I will lean.

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