Ping … Ping … Ping …

Posted on Sep 6 2016 - 1:58pm by Sharpe Trade

Ping … ping … Ping.  I said it before, I’ll say it again.  We’re as range-bound in the equities market as a 1970’s game of Pong.   Especially for those of us that play in the three to 40 day periodicity for processes.

Intra-day traders have been having fun.  As have day-traders.  Scalpers and market makers barely notice what is going on at the higher time-frames.  Anyone selling premium, even cheap premium, is profiting in this chop.

But for those of us that directionally trade in that 3 to 40 day periodicity?  We’re enduring the ‘ping’ ‘ping’ ‘ping’ of a quiet market.  FOMC is a bit later this month.

Until then, we stay in the markets, and keep to our processes.  The newer traders generally get discouraged in these sort of markets.  One by one they begin to leave, or become disinterested.  The ‘brutal grind’ that is necessary to trade profitably begins to wear on them.  As the market slowly twists and turns inside this narrow range.

And so this market twists on and on …  

And on and on …

Until only the true grinders are left

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