Market Trolled

Posted on Sep 16 2015 - 7:35am by Sharpe Trade

Was I just trolled?

I think I was just trolled.

Yesterday I spoke of the market going nowhere until Thursday and Friday.  Go spend a relaxing day on the golf course swinging clubs, or in any activity that will allow you to otherwise enjoy these last days of summer.

I returned, to find the market completely and totally trolled my cash position.

That’s ok.

I’m still pretty happy with the correlation strategy we have ongoing with the Sharpe Report teaching account, and have explained exactly how that strategy works.   It is proving itself quite adept at remaining neutral to positive through all sorts of market gyrations.

I’m holding firm to the plan for short-term trading accounts.

New folks?  For the month of September, cash as a position.

For our teaching account, I’m holding onto the correlation position. 

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