Stocks Steamrolling Higher on Reflation Anticipation

Posted on Nov 18 2016 - 4:38pm by Sharpe Trade

On anticipation of a reflation trade due to the remote possibility of Fiscal Stimulus, stocks cotinue to surge ahead.

Oh, sure, the Indices waffled a bit today with the Spoos down 1/4 of 1%.  But the right stocks have been steamrolling higher.

Union Pacific (UNP) is now up +27.66% year to date, and 3.22% in the last 30 days.  Wells Fargo (WFC)?  Up nearly 17% in the last month.  Microsoft (MSFT) is up nearly 5%, and International Business Machines (IBM) a modest 6%.  The actual Income Processes in various portfolio’s we manage are up between 10% and 12% YTD.

Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to mention … those ‘right stocks’ are all stocks we hold in our Income Process, and within the free Sharpe Income project.

This is what I use for income.  Income!

Oh, you poor suckers that don’t even realize what you’re witnessing

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