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Posted on Nov 26 2015 - 3:36pm by Sharpe Trade

The Sharpe Report‘ allows you to look over the shoulder of an actual trader as he manages an actual live trading account.  From time to time, broker statements are provided to clients of this ‘teaching account’.  You can hear his thoughts before and when he makes his purchases.  During the process of the investment and trade, he discusses his thoughts on managing the trade.  And after the trade is complete, you can see the final effect on this real, actual portfolio.

We all have different temperment’s and personalities.  Therefore, three different strategies are demonstrated.

A Beginning strategy that demonstrates basic market principles for the newcomer, and an associated strategy to use along with these principles.  

An Intermediate “30 Day” Swing Trading Method.  Not everyone is a ‘newcomer’ to the market.  Some may be looking for a strategy that requires a little more active trading.  But not ‘too’ active, as many have a 9 to 5 job and other responsibilities.  This strategy is demonstrated as well, and a trade is taken … as the name suggests … every 30 days.

All well and good. We have a strategy for new-comers to begin. Or, we have a 30 day trade.  Some folks though, sign up to see how Dan approaches short-term trading. Therefore, we also discuss Short-Term Trading, tracked out, and discuss short-term trading principles apart from the stock, futures, and options account.  Lately, these have been Forex trades.  On average, we have a couple of trades per week in Forex, as you will see as you receive future issues of ‘The Sharpe Report‘.

We have also recently created a forum, that is only available to clients of ‘The Sharpe Report‘.  Daily posts, member journals, and past reference entries are stored here.

And all of this is being accomplished without demonstrating the benefits of weekly, continual capital contributions.  As we recently demonstrated, this could realistically move a trader from his small $10,000 account, to a $43,000 account

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