Continuing To Take My Own Advice

Posted on May 30 2016 - 1:22pm by Sharpe Trade

We’ll have our weekly ‘Sharpe Income‘ entry tomorrow.  Clients of ‘The Sharpe Report‘, we have sent out an entry earlier today reviewing the three processes we demonstrate, while we discuss style-drifting, method-hunting, S&P 500 Index envy and understanding returns and the context of returns.

But today?  I am going to continue today, to take my own advice.  The advice we put in yesterday’s entry, and the entry we had a week before that.

Today, the markets are closed in observation of “Memorial Day” in the United States. 

So I will be with one of the other managing members of Sharpe Trade, LLC, and we’ll be relaxing, enjoying some ribs, brisket and good food.

And maybe … if they are nice to me, I’ll share a bit of the Moonshine I got while I was in Tennessee …

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