We Want To Destroy Them All

Posted on Oct 27 2016 - 5:09pm by Sharpe Trade

So yesterday, I vented some of my frustrations as to the ridiculousness we see with those who refer to themselves as “Trading Educators”.  People so out of touch with reality, it seems like they can’t do simple arithmetic.  Much less, demonstrate to people the rigors of investing and trading.

So after yesterday’s entry, let me be very clear about why Sharpe Trade, LLC does what it does here on the public side of the house.

We want to destroy those jokers.

Sharpe Trade, LLC is out to provide the best information for those looking to start trading, Real information.  No hype.  Just reality. Some of what we offer for free is of higher quality, than what those jokers try to pawn off for $1,300.00.  

And the Premium Courses we offer?  While other “educators” (and I use that term loosely) have a course that teaches one or two strategies, and they will only allow you to access their materials for 3 months?  We offer more strategies (heck, the supplemental information on the forums is becoming a course in and of itself), variations of those strategies, for the best price available today; to which you will have access to for the life of the company.

We’re not even done constructing the educational materials, and we already have more strategies, variations of strategies and other information at a better cost.  And we haven’t even completed the educational materials as of yet.  Simply put:  We’re still “under construction” and we’re already better.

If you are one of these “Trading Educators” and wish Sharpe Trade, LLC would stop what it’s doing?  Hey … buy us out.  The Managing Partners have informed me that they I can let ones know that they will consider any offers.  Bidding for the company, and negotiations would begin at about $30,000,000.00.

Until then? 

Our goal is quite simple …

Provide a one stop shop for learning how to trade the markets, with both free materials  and premium courses that offer more information, more strategies, more variations of strategies, at a better cost.  Simply put … to destroy all the sham “Trading Education” sites out there.

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