Lazy Alpha

Posted on Jul 27 2017 - 12:12pm by Sharpe Trade

Yes … we are still long that massive QQQ long position we had mentioned some months ago.

So I suppose at this point, we can just call it ‘lazy alpha’.

Everywhere I turn, people are talking about Amazon (AMZN).  Or the latest Facebook (FB) news.  Or Google … er … Alphabet’s (GOOG) earnings.  I don’t have to worry about any of them.  Because we are long all of them.  By being long QQQ.

And spare me your ETF outrage.  If you have not heard … some are outraged that ones are turning to the efficient Index ETF’s. I’ve been around long enough that I remember similar derivative outrage against the S&P 500 Futures.  No, not the e-mini.  The actual Spoos contract.  Or should I say “Spu”‘s (those who understand, will understand). You know outrage against index futures used to actually ‘be a thing’.  “What if this destabilizes the actual market because everyone just owns the more capital efficient S&P 500 Futures contract !!“.  Yeah.  I’m not kidding.

Please, go find yourself a new argument.  I for one, could care less as I am long tech in a nice … lazy manner.

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