The “Doom Trades” Are Languishing

Posted on Aug 24 2017 - 9:04am by Sharpe Trade

We had stated some time ago that we were going to place trades we were jokingly referring to as “doom trades“.  Trades by which we were looking to be ‘long fear’.  Short some tech names.  Other such maneuvers.

Well, those trades are languishing.  Rather than a ‘tidal wave’, this turn of the market, thusfar … is turning out to be a spring rain.

But we specifically stated  …

So while we are maintaining our longs?  We are also starting to place some small bet … “catastrophe” trades.

So as it turns out, our weighting through this turn has been almost perfect.  We are keeping those bearish trades for now.  Since we kept our bullish processes running?  We’re singing in the rain

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