I’m Not Kidding

Posted on Sep 15 2015 - 10:40am by Sharpe Trade


Take the week off.

The Financial Media … in their incessant need to sensationalize any economic policy … has led the world in ‘cheerleading’  this weeks Fed decision regarding interest rates.

I find it nauseating, and quite stupid.

But hey … here we are.

The result of their cheerleading is pretty predictable.  The stock market, in essence … has not moved for the last 5 days.

I still think that the best bet at the moment for any new trader, is cash as a position.  Once the decision is released, we’ll naturally see the market lose it’s mind temporarily.  My own personal short-term trading accounts have a correlation position on, that is … well … pretty tight.  A win-win scenario, whichever way we break out.  But I still think that for new traders, the best position at the moment is cash.  

I was talking with a group of traders the other day, and the subject of Golf came up.  My reaction and thought was immediate …

Good idea

I might as well swing some clubs while we still have the weather for it.   Because this market sure isn’t going anywhere until Thursday.

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