The Q’s to a Nillion !

Posted on Nov 4 2015 - 10:56am by Sharpe Trade

We joke around in the stocktwits stream of the QQQ’s going to “a nillion”!

But in all seriousness, no one knows where she will end up.  I have been bullish on equities since the end of September as mentioned in the podcasts.  

I thought we were done with the rally back in the middle of November.  It was around that time that I kept my longs, but just hedged out slightly.  

For those paying attention, the 30’s got absolutely hammered yesterday.  I’m not yet making any changes to my book.  But I am starting to pay attention to any signs again of an actual honest-to-god reversal in equities.

Again, no one knows.  Not me.  Not anyone.  Round and round she goes … where she stops ….  

But I am beginning to ask myself a few questions.  Will we now begin to see repeated failures of the highs in equities?  Will lows begin to appear on the smaller time frame?  If we do, will those lows begin to bleed out on  time-frames longer than 3 hours ? ?

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