The Sharpe Report: Dan’s Portfolio – 6 Minute (If That) Record-Keeping

Posted on Jan 9 2015 - 4:37pm by Sharpe Trade

Dan’s first Sharpe Report entry can be found here.

We are continuing the discussion from the last entry that can be found here.

So the Friday bell has rung.

In an effort to give you as much an ‘over-the-shoulder’ look as possible, I have a brief, 6 minute video  (allow for the disclaimers) of how I conclude each and every Friday, after the bell closes the market.

Just inputing a few numbers, and seeing the results.  Truth be told, this is one of my favorite parts of the day.

I get to see the “fruit” of my decisions and planning …

Once again, the link to the spreadsheet that will keep track of my section of the Sharpe Report can be found here.

Please note that in the future, from time to time we will move that spreadsheet to a completely new sheet so as to change the link.  So if you are viewing this article int he future from the time of this writing and the link does not work?  We’ve probably moved the spreadsheet, and a new link is available for subscribers of “The Sharpe Report“.

(We continue the discussion in this next entry, at this link)

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