The Sharpe Report: Dan’s Portfolio – An Order and More on Record-Keeping

Posted on Jan 8 2015 - 5:30am by Sharpe Trade

Dan’s first Sharpe Report entry can be found here.

We are continuing the discussion from the last entry that can be found here.

I was actually hoping for more drawdown on the S&P 500 Index.

But hey, I can’t dictate market action.  I just follow it.

So at this point, I am going to put an order in, for the Core of Passively managed assets, and this will be considered part of the “All-Weather” section of the Core.  It is on IVV.  Since it is on IVV, this will be made, as we mentioned in the last entry, without any commission costs, since we have signed up for the “Commission Free” program for some of the ETF’s, of which IVV is a part.

Now, the market has not opened yet, and so I have not yet put the order in.  But I want to let one’s know what the order will probably be, after the market open, for Dan’s Portfolio for The Sharpe Report.

LIMIT BUY 3 IVV at $206.51 STOP – GTC (Good ‘Till Cancelled).   (See the edit below)

Note … this order is not to be considered working at the time of this writing.  I’ll put it in our Social Media feeds later, and edit this post once the order is active, if it goes active … once the New York market opens back up.

Also remember that IVV is a dividend bearing instrument, so dividends will be paid, once it is made a part of this instrument, and we’ll have to record those dividends as part of our records when they came in.

Speaking of records (how did you like that segue?), let’s talk a bit more about our spreadsheet, and continue to construct our spreadsheet for keeping track of this portfolio for The Sharpe Report.  I do that in the following public video …

Once again, the link to the spreadsheet that will keep track of my section of the Sharpe Report can be found here.

Please note that in the future, from time to time we will move that spreadsheet to a completely new sheet so as to change the link.  So if you are viewing this article int he future from the time of this writing and the link does not work?  We’ve probably moved the spreadsheet, and a new link is available for subscribers of “The Sharpe Report“.

EDIT:  Ok, for the Longer Term Core?  Under the Commission Free Program that we signed up for that we discussed before?  The order mentioned from the earlier article is …

BUY 3 IVV at $206.39 STOP – GTC (Good Till Cancelled)

EDIT:  LOL … this is great.  The first order fill of The Sharpe Report for my portfolio, and it’s a better fill than I asked for … so we are filled long 3 IVV at $206.38

(We continue the discussion in this next entry)

Disclosure:   I currently do not yet have any LQD positions in any portfolio that I manage, at the time of this writing, nor do I plan to implement an LQD position in any portfolio that I manage in the next 24 hours.  No immediate family members have any LQD positions in any portfolios that they manage, to my knowledge, at this time.  No businesses that I have a controlling interest in, has, to my knowledge, any positions in LQD at this time.   I currently DO have IVV positions in all portfolio’s that I manage as part of a core position, at the time of this writing.  At the time of this writing I do not plan to sell those IVV positions in the portfolio’s that I manage in the next 48 hours.

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