The Sharpe Report Discusses Forex Trading

Posted on Oct 15 2015 - 2:05pm by Sharpe Trade

The Sharpe Report is a premium service of ‘Sharpe Trade, LLC’ that allows ones to watch what I do in my stock, futures and options account, as I take action.

We’ve been using a very defensive strategy as of late in this account.  It’s been navigating these tricky stock market waters very well …


… but as the strategy is low-effort and defensive, we have a bit of time on our hands.

So I began to share a completely separate methodology with folks.  We’ve been demonstrating how this methodology works in real-time.  It is a type of momentum trading.  It requires re-balancing the trade every 30 days.  This is perfect for folks with a busy work schedule.

But as the trade is re-balanced every 30 days?  Once again … we have a bit of time on our hands.

So with today’s ‘Sharpe Report‘ entry, we have begun to discuss an approach I have been using for directional Forex trading.  This is obviously outside of the Stocks, Futures and Options trading that ‘The Sharpe Report’ usually discusses.  But as of late, I’ve been enjoying a good run with Forex trading …


A few of these trades I have been sharing freely in the StockTwits and Twitter stream.  But now, I thought we could spend some of our time, discussing the approach I’ve been using to find and manage such trades.

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