The Sharpe Report: Issue No. 3 … Dan’s Portfolio

Posted on Jan 11 2015 - 12:12am by Sharpe Trade

Dan’s first Sharpe Report entry can be found here.

We are continuing the discussion from the last entry that can be found here.

To this point, we have slowly and methodically demonstrated a strategy for building a portfolio.  A portfolio, using a “Core and Satellite” approach.  

For the Core, we have discussed the construction of an “All-Weather” strategy, and have begun to implement this strategy with one part cash, one part IVV, and we still have two asset pieces with which to engage to finish the “All-Weather”.  Also within this ‘Core’, we have discussed offsetting the ‘All-Weather’ strategy with other long-term positions that we will continue to build as time goes on.

We have yet to implement any short term trades for the Satellite portion of the portfolio.  But I will tell you right now, research selling option spreads, because I plan on doing a bit of that in the future.  Personally, I think that is some of the easiest money out there, along with a few other tricks of mine.

Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with option spreads.  I plan to discuss them extensively throughout the history of The Sharpe Report.

We have also begun to discuss a bit, on record-keeping. And in the video below, we’ll get into record-keeping to a greater degree.

So that’s a bit of review.  But now, let’s move this forward, and begin to discuss some specific stocks that have run across my radar, on a longer-term basis, and why they have run across my radar, and look at the question of whether or not I will pick them up, and buy them at all.

If some of the terms used in the video are a bit … technical?  Then feel free to ask us any questions about them, and at the same time most of these terms you can find through a simple Google search as to their definition and meaning.  Do not feel the slightest bit over-whelmed if you are new to this.

Because once that ‘Core’ is even complete, you will see me review and go over the same concepts again and again.  I will continue to review that ‘Core’ even when it is complete, again, and again. Repetition is a wonderful teacher.  

But what I really want to show you in this video, is the process by which I arrive at finding a valuation company.  And the first step of that process I show you in the following video ……


The link to the spreadsheet that will keep track of my section of the Sharpe Report can be found here.

Please note that in the future, from time to time we will move that spreadsheet to a completely new sheet so as to change the link.  So if you are viewing this article in the future from the time of this writing and the link does not work?  We’ve probably moved the spreadsheet, and a new link is available for subscribers.

During this next week, I will continue to talk about new positions that I am looking at putting in the portfolio.  Especially pieces of the ‘All-Weather’, so that is coming in the next week as well …

This is the Raw Open Office Document File ….

This is the PDF for Issue Number 3 ….

(We continue The Sharpe Report here)

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