I Didn’t Stutter

Posted on Aug 27 2015 - 9:45am by Sharpe Trade

It’s not just a matter of knowing when a correction is approaching.

You had better have a plan for dealing with it, once it arrives.  Subscribers of ‘The Sharpe Report‘ already know what my personal plan is for our accounts.  I’ve shared a smattering of my thoughts here, on the public pages of ‘Sharpe Trade‘.

In the stocktwits stream the other day, I pressed a short on risk.  Once again, I shorted the USD/JPY.  Thankfully, I managed to squeak out a tiny profit, before the rally began.  And then the entire concept of ‘risk off’ completely, and utterly died.  We ripped higher overnight than a hummingbird caught in a windstorm.

1956 was the level to watch.

I didn’t stutter.

We are proceeding to engage with our plan.  

What is yours?

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