Prepare for More Pain

Posted on Aug 20 2015 - 1:00pm by Sharpe Trade

You’re concerned about another 26 points lower on the Spoos?  Do you think the stock market right now is ‘bad’?

No one can gaurantee anything when it comes to stock market movements.  But the more days that pass, the more I am convinced … that we are not going to pause at the 2050 region of support that has held for much of 2015.  The more days that pass, the more I am convinced a correction in the stock market is about to take place.  So yes, we’re talking about SPX hitting 1920.

Fixed Income?  I’m holding on to those positions.  Preparing myself for more pain, and thankful that I added TLT to the mix of capital gain assets last month.  As well, the Sharpe Income account benefits from capital contributions.  We take our own advice.  Raise cash.   So we can save for buying a bit of the Q’s and IVV farther down the road.  This morning as well, Union Pacific (UNP) started cutting through support like butter.  So we have some time before that stock is ready for a purchase.

Valuation investing?  I’d hold off on any purchases.

Short-term traders?  Be prepared for a pickup in volatility, and thus, the number of quick reversals we see.

As we have said …

Raise cash.

And the bulls need to be prepared for more pain.

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