Well … That Was Fun

Posted on Apr 11 2017 - 2:20pm by Sharpe Trade

Well …

That certainly was a lot of fun.  

Months after the election … the market defied seasonal norms this year and rallied higher still.  The Spoos topped at nearly 6.5% at one point.  The Q’s climbed to nearly 10.6%.  One of the variations of the strategies that Sharpe Trade, LLC teaches captured much of those moves, and has climbed nearly 7.6%, year to date.

It seems however, that the fun may be over.   At the moment, Sharpe Trade, LLC is neutral on stock equity prices.

The market has the final say.  The VIX is starting to pick up just a bit and price a bit more movement in the Spoos.  So who knows?  Heck, we could change our stance within the next 24 hours.  But at the very least, the euphoria of the new political administration is priced into the market.  That particular “variety of Rum is gone” so to speak.  So for the moment, we ourselves are settling in for the grind of our neutral stance.  For however long it lasts …

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