There Is No “Debt Doomsday” … An Introduction

Posted on Dec 24 2015 - 3:33pm by Sharpe Trade

The by-line of Sharpe Trade, LLC is …

Reason … Rationality … and Balance

Reason, rationality and balance when we discuss investing, trading, economics, and the capital markets.

Why carry such a by-line?

Because unfortunately, there is precious little in the way of reason, rationality, and balance when it comes to public discussions regarding investing, trading, economics, and the capital markets.  Political demagoguery, fear-mongering and outright distortions are far too common, in order to push a preconceived and preset agenda.

Take, for instance, the very popular concept of which you have no doubt heard, of a coming ‘debt doomsday’.  The “U.S. National Debt” is “too high” (though it is never quantified what is a ‘high’ nominal number, and what is a ‘good’ nominal number), and ‘debt-maggedon’ must therefore be a forgone conclusion.

What if the entire concept alive in the popular consciousness of a ‘high U.S. National Debt‘ and the idea of a ‘debt doomsday‘ is built upon a complete and utter lie?

Rather than simply repeat his good work, we are going to link you to Edward J. Delzio’s work on “The National Deb(i)t“.  Mr. Delzio is qualified to speak on this subject.  Not because he read a “Zerohedge” article.  But he worked for almost 30 years as a US Treasury bond broker at RMJ, split between branch-office locations in New York City, and Tokyo.

Mr. Delzio also produced several videos on this topic.  We present the first video to you now …

(After the following video, you can find the next video in this series at the following link)

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