Another Day, Another Successful Week

Posted on Jul 21 2017 - 4:28pm by Sharpe Trade

Another week completed.

Another week of equity indices moving higher.

Another week of watching our portfolio and various processes grind larger still.

It’s no secret that we hold IBM in our Income Process.  As well as Union Pacific (UNP) which also has not fared too well this week.  And yet … our portfolio’s moved higher still.  There is the tiny ‘Sharpe Income’ project itself.  Which obviously, is not as a well-developed portfolio.  Yet even that small little underdeveloped portfolio, with IBM and Union Pacific (UNP), is still just a few BPS below it’s all-time highs and hundreds of BPS higher than where it was just a few weeks ago.  And that has been free for anyone to observe in real-time.

In August, Sharpe Trade, LLC (we ourselves and our own private book) is bringing another process online, to grab even more money out of the trillions that slosh about in world-wide markets each day.

Don’t forget that the ‘Reconstructed Sharpe Report‘ is now only $15.00 per month, from now, into perpetuity.  At the same time, the ‘Short-Term Trading Course’ has a promotion that is ongoing for those interested … 

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