Exited SGG, Still Long the QQQ

Posted on Sep 27 2017 - 9:58am by Sharpe Trade

As of Monday, we alerted Sharpe Report clients we were exiting the SGG trade.  We ended up getting out for a nice, small, -0.94% loss for that segment of our book.  Which, actually, since the trade was executed according to plan, was a ‘good trade’. 

The real key to successful trading, is executing according to your plan.  Some single trades win.  Some single trades lose.  If you have positive expectancy, then the profits will take care of themselves over time, as we mention in our free ‘Money Management’ course.  Too many new traders experience a loss, and then try to ‘re-invent the wheel’ as it were, because they view a single trade loss, as some evidence that something is wrong with their trading approach.  Which may not be the case at all.  We refer to this as ‘method hunting‘.


We executed the trade as it should have been executed.  We got out with a small loss, and recorded that.  We move on.

We still have bearish bets on Amazon (AMZN) and Apple (AAPL), that are still paying off as of this moment.  While at the same time, to ‘play both sides’ as it were, we are still long QQQ.

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