Trading for a Living: An Introduction and Discipline

Posted on Jan 27 2015 - 4:20pm by Sharpe Trade

Some time ago, I recorded a video that was a bit of a ‘hit’ on the ol’ YouTube’s.

It discusses what so many are looking to do when they look at finances.

Invest and trade from home.

However, investing and trading from home … profitably … involves more than grabbing a couple of monitors, getting a brokerage, and clicking on your mouse from home.

It involves absolute discipline.  Both in front of the monitors, and when you turn them off.  Discipline must be a way of life.

So as a ‘re-introduction’ to this series?  We present “Trading for a Living” …

Call it a ‘re-run’.  Because you shouldn’t be surprised if you see more of this series here at Sharpe Trade … in the future …

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