Trading for a Living … INCOME and Wealth (PODCAST)

Posted on Mar 19 2016 - 11:23pm by Sharpe Trade

Years past … before “Sharpe Trade” was formed, I used to publish investing and trading material, on my own.

And in this podcast, we’re going to revisit a topic that I published years ago.  The topic?  Actually taking a paycheck, when you are trading for a living.

For instance, let’s say that a trader is up 173% in his trading account.  Fantastic!  But what if he or she stays at that 173% level, but then goes flat for an entire year.  Well, they are still a great trader.  They are up 173%.  

But if you are flat for an entire year?  Then how do the bills get paid without draining their trading account from those 173% gains?  

We are going to run a bit of a re-run, as we bring that topic that I visited years ago  

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