Grind It Out

Posted on Jan 1 2016 - 3:01pm by Sharpe Trade

I make no resolutions.  I make no adjustments.  Nothing in my trading processes will change today or tomorrow.

That’s why I win.

January 1st is simply an arbitrary line in the sand, that we humans came up with some centuries ago.  Spring … Summer … The Fall … and Winter still pass us by; and will pass us by.  As occurred 20 days ago, or 15,695 days ago, the Earth still rotates on it’s axis as it revolves about the Sun.  As it will no doubt do 15,695 days from now.

If you wish to trade for a living, you must learn to live by this immutable fact.  There is no reason to obsess over a single trade, as if that single trade will make or break your career.  It will not … as long as that trade is a risk-responsible trade.

We find that many newer retail traders do not understand they must be willing to grind out trades, day after day.  Month after month.  Year after year.  January 1st is simply one small day, in a long list of trading days.

Stop seeking excitement with new methods and new tools and new patterns.  Learn to love the process.  Do not destroy your process, by destroying it’s positive expectancy by “tweeking it”.

It is a grind we love to do.  

But it is a grind.

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