Trading Psychology and Emotional Discipline: An Introduction

Posted on Jul 27 2016 - 7:33am by Sharpe Trade

This entry begins a brand new, free educational series here at Sharpe Trade.  A series dedicated to “Trading Psychology and Emotional Discipline“.

This topic is probably one of the single most important topics that a prospective investor and trader can learn.


Whereas money management deals with the math of staying profitable?  Your psychological discipline will make sure that you follow your mathematical risk model.  And it is never comfortable, or easy, to follow the ‘math’ of staying profitable.

Of all the materials we produce for new retail traders?  This is one of the most popular that truly resonates with new traders.  Because it’s only once you have truly placed money at risk, do you understand the absolute need for psychological discipline …

(After the following video, we continue with this series on ‘Trading Psychology and Emotional Discipline’ with this next entry.)

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