Trading Psychology and Emotional Discipline (Series): Arrogance Kills

Posted on Nov 2 2016 - 3:22pm by Sharpe Trade

We began our ‘Trading Psychology and Emotional Discipline’ series with this article.

The ‘Trading Psychology and Emotional Discipline’ playlist on YouTube can be found here.

We continue, from our last post on this topic that you can find here.

In the last entry in this series we discussed “fear”.  Now, we are going to switch gears and discuss the dangers and pitfalls of the opposite end of the spectrum.  Which is arrogance.  Because as the cancer researcher Mina Bissell states:  “Arrogance kills creativity and passion“.  We would add, it fuels an unhealthy anger and narcissism.  

We discuss this in the following video entry … 

(After the following video, we continue with this series on ‘Trading Psychology and Emotional Discipline’ with this next entry ….)

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