Valuation Investing Course

Posted on Aug 25 2016 - 3:45pm by Sharpe Trade

This is the process we have used, to return 22.4371% with a maximum drawdown of only -3.4072%.  

How does one fundamentally evaluate a stock?

How do we posses such low drawdown numbers on this process? 

How can you take the same principles used by both Benjamin Graham and later Warren Buffet, to construct an account that produces great risk-adjusted performance over time?  Can you learn to invest in cooperation with your own social conscience?  What ‘technique’ could be used to assist you and provide a ‘support’ mechanism to your investing account?  How exactly has Dan found all of those great dividend paying companies trading at such a great value over the years?  

What is the exact ‘how-to’ of the long-term investing process that we use in the markets?

For this, we have offer Sharpe Trade, LLC’s “Mastering Markets … Valuation Investing” Online Course 

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