Vetting (PODCAST)

Posted on Mar 6 2016 - 12:35am by Sharpe Trade

We are enjoying this rally in the stock market.  

We begin this podcast discussing the Sharpe Income project.  How are we viewing this rally?  We discuss that.

Unfortunately, during such stock market rallies scam artists, liars and charlatan’s abound and proliferate.  Don Shipley has had a great time of exposing those who pretend to be Navy Seals.  Those who pretend to have served in the military in order to prey upon others.  He knows the right questions to ask, to expose such individuals; who are guilty of violating the “Stolen Valor” act.

What sort of questions should you ask of individuals who you feel are pretending to be financial traders?  Grab your cup of coffee this weekend as we answer these questions in the following podcast! 

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