Week in Review: #AdviceForYoungTraders on an Interest Rate Hike

Posted on May 30 2015 - 2:45am by Sharpe Trade

The past.

We tend to look at the past with thoughts of nostalgia.  We were all young once.  Stronger.  Beautiful.  More stamina and endurance.  Young traders have an advantage, in that they have this youthful vigor and approach to the markets and life.  Us older guys look at the markets as to ‘what was’.

And last week, a story was published in Bloomberg regarding the number of young traders in the market stoday … who have never seen an interest rate tightening cycle on the part of the Fed.  This hastag of #AdviceForYoungTraders became somewhat of a popular on Twitter.  All based off an interesting chart from Bloomberg …

Bloomberg Chart Advice for Young Traders

With the release of GDP numbers?  What are our thoughts on Interest Rates?  What would be our advice to young traders?

Grab your cub of coffee this weekend as we discuss this in the following podcast …

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  1. NewLife June 2, 2015 at 3:29 pm - Reply

    How would one wrap their head around how an increase of interest rates in the US is likely to affect the price and interest rate of USD denominated foreign bonds?

    I’m holding a small long term position of PCY, which as you know is USD denominated bonds from various countries, and it gets a bit abstract when I think about potential moves in that ETF’s various holdings.

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