Week in Review: Volatile Portfolio’s, Markets and FOMC

Posted on Mar 21 2015 - 3:00am by Sharpe Trade

In the following podcast, Dan looks at volatility.

Both in terms of the volatility he is seeing in his own portfolio, as well as the volatility we are seeing (and not seeing) in the markets.  And really, much of the focus of everyone in the last week, had to do with the FOMC statement (that you can find at this link).

What are our thoughts in regards the statement itself by the Fed?


The Dollar?

And a rise of interest rates?

That is discussed in the following podcast … 

Charts discussed in that podcast can be found as follows …

The VIX – Daily Chart (tradingview.com)


CPI Inflation – All Items

Inflation YoY All Items

CPI Inflation – Minus Food and Energy

Inflation YoY Less Food and Energy

4 Hour Dollar / Yen Forex Cross (USD/JPY) (tradingview.com)


Daily Dollar Index (/DXM5 or DXM15) (tradingview.com)


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