Welcome To The Monkey Show

Posted on Sep 23 2015 - 2:42pm by Sharpe Trade

I love markets.

I love trading.

This‘ market however?  The equities market of the last month?  I hate it.  We’ve gone back to the soul-crushing meat-grinder of earlier this year.  It’s a monkey show.  Meant to drive you crazy as the ludicrous is presented and dressed within the cloak of normalcy.

Somehow … someway … I am navigating these waters profitably.  Staying cash for the month of September has saved anyone taking that path a tremendous amount of volatility and has someone up over the market by 1.54%.  Our short-term teaching account, somehow, has managed to gain 0.60% for the month of September, which puts me up over the market by 2.14% (mind you, that’s just for the month of September.  Since June 30th, I’m 5.62% over the market).


But now I have to continue to navigate the waters profitably, as monkey’s pedal their bicycles around the bid / ask …

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