“April Tax Season” Trading Course Promotion

Posted on Mar 30 2017 - 1:40pm by Sharpe Trade

So if you missed it from yesterday’s video entry?

A few paragraphs of text here to re-iterate and clearly define the promotion that we will be running here.

In the month of April, Sharpe Trade, LLC is running a “April Tax Season Trading Course Promotion”.

Beginning April 1st …

  • Sharpe Trade’s “Mastering Markets: Short-Term Trading Course” will have a ~33% discount, and will only be $799
  • Sharpe Trade’s “Mastering Markets: Valuation Investing Course” will have a ~23% discount, and will only be $699
  • When you purchase the Short-Term Trading Course, you will receive one month of ‘The Sharpe Report’, for free.
  • If you purchase both the Short-Term Trading Course, AND the Valuation Investing Course, you will have to pay the intial $1,498 up front.  However, shortly there-after, you will be refunded an amount right away so that you will effectively only pay near $1,299.  So there is a ~14 % discount for both courses together, on top of the discount that is already present on each course separately.
  • If you only purchase the Valuation Investing Course … you do not receive ‘The Sharpe Report’ for one month.  It wouldn’t make sense anyways, as we do not discuss valuation investing in that product.

And there it is … the “April Tax Season Trading Course Promotion”.  Probably the best trading course, and best-price trading course, available on the net today …


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