Lower Hanging Fruit (PODCAST)

Posted on Apr 3 2016 - 9:13am by Sharpe Trade

Well, we are still bullish on the indices.  But as we stated last week we are simultaneously protected if the market moves lower, so we really don’t care which way the market moves.  And in ‘The Sharpe Report‘ we have been having a good time …


But as we were saying last week, we have noticed that in some public groups, some new traders were thinking of quitting.

Perhaps, they wanted to start trading in the first place because of they had an incorrect perception as to what is involved with trading.  They didn’t understand the reality of trading.  

Well, if we are going to talk about the reality of trading, what are some things we could possibly offer in a podcast before such individuals actually quit?  Perhaps … they should start looking for lower hanging fruit?

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