Where Are We At?

Posted on Aug 4 2017 - 1:32pm by Sharpe Trade

Some have asked where “we” have been as of late.

Fewer posts.

Fewer videos.

Fewer podcasts.

Where have we been?

Well … we are going to restate what we have already said.¬† “We are self-sufficient”.¬† We are not here you to pressure you into buying Trading Courses.¬† We don’t need to.¬† We’re not even here really, to produce constant content and talk about how ‘amazing’ we are.¬† We’re better than that.¬† It did take us about a a year or two to set everything up as we wished to run Sharpe Trade, LLC.¬† But we are here now.

We’re not here to produce constant content.¬† We’re not here to produce a text entry every single day.¬† We invest and trade the portfolio of Sharpe Trade, LLC.¬† When we have something to say here on the public, front side of the house?¬† We’ll say it.¬† When we don’t?¬† We won’t.¬† And we want something available for new retail traders that’s not full of the “Snakeoil-99.9% accuracy” garbage so prevalent on the net. ¬†So we let one’s know that our courses are up, and available.¬†

It’s that simple really.

Other than that?¬† It’s been quiet.¬† The e-mini looked D.O.A. mid-session. ¬† Which means it was a great time to make a bet intra-day. The last I checked … the public, live ‘Sharpe Income Project‘ was down by less than $1.00.¬† Seriously.¬† The personal portfolio of Sharpe Trade, LLC has moved up by exactly 8 BPS in the last week.¬† Yes … just 8 BPS. ¬†It is that quiet right now.

We’ll just keep grinding our game.

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