Why Is the Stock Market Going Down? (PODCAST)

Posted on Jan 17 2016 - 9:02am by Sharpe Trade

With the stock market indices sinking by more than 10%, we have seen many individual ask the question:  “Why is the stock market falling?  Shouldn’t cheap Oil be good for the U.S. consumer?

Remember that Sharpe Trade attempts to reach out and provide content for new, self-directed retail traders.  Some of what we will explain in this podcast, more experienced traders may know and understand.  But we do like to reach out, and provide the aforementioned new self-directed retail trader … so let’s take some time, and explain our thoughts on the markets for the last few weeks.

Remember, that the reason that any market goes “down” is that sellers become aggressive in the environment, and the buyers back off.  But why would the sellers become aggressive?  With oil so cheap, shouldn’t the buyers be aggressive?  Shouldn’t the stock market rally?  Let’s dive into that question.

At the end of the podcast, we’ll throw out a freebie, and go through a few markets playing:  “Bullish or Bearish” …

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