Why Not Just Buy The Index? Or Buy the SPY?

Posted on Nov 18 2015 - 2:21pm by Sharpe Trade

A couple of good comments and insight were left on our YouTube video “How to Trade From $10,000 to $43,000”, when we discussed generally what actual professional traders, on average, can produce.  We referenced one of the performance databases, Altegris.

After talking a bit of shop with the indices, and Gold … I thought we could review those comments in the following video entry.  And actually, within this entry we didn’t even get to a discussion of standard deviations of returns …

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  1. NewLife November 19, 2015 at 12:32 am - Reply

    It’s funny how many little preferences I find to have in common with you, but of things that weren’t particularly part of what I learned from being personally mentored by you, or taught through your service.

    The dislike of fast rallies is something I picked up over the last couple of years myself. My reason is that it pushes me to want to jump out of the trade against my rules. When it’s slow, and more importantly, orderly and consistent, I’m far more comfortable setting stops and sticking to the trade.

    • Dan November 19, 2015 at 12:39 am - Reply

      I hear ya man.

      If it’s one thing I love … is nice … quiet markets.

      2005, 2006, 2013, 2014 … those markets are a dream. They don’t even need ot be up years. 2008 was a down year, and I liked it because I was bearish thruoghout. But the volatile spikes, while volatility players loved it … just drove me nuts ont he equities side.


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